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    Children's Forest (6 to 14 years)

    10-15 o'clock

    A permanent construction workshop is located in the forest. Here the children get the opportunity to create their own form of living. With boards, branches and other material present at the site, they can create all sorts of buildings which need not to be taken down. Hammering, sawing, knotting and other techniques will invite to find solutions for the building planned. Tree-huts, connecting bridges, climbing-spots, hidings and any thinkable and unthinkable construction will spring up. In the course of the years the big children’s building wood will grow into a collection of diverse childish inventions in which they can play to their hearts content, change it and live in it. Every creation in the big children’s building wood is open to everybody. Some constructions will keep, others will show their shortcomings after a winter or storm. In a new season reconstruction thereof may take place. In this way children will get unparalleled experiences which are often impossible in the present urban environment. Experienced guidance is present, but the children themselves must plan and execute their ideas. They get the chance to test their solutions to really being able to realize what they want to do. Where necessary they will learn to work as a team to get a better result.

    The children's forest is an ongoing project and it will be never the same. In the beginning many places are available. In the coming years we hope this page will be full of many constructions of many different children.
    In 2006 children of the local primary school will build the first buildings and constructions. They are working together with the artist from the artist-in-residence program 2005-2006. These artists are coming from different parts of the world and bring their own vision on building, living, playing and creating with them. It will make the children's forest into a real international building place. 

    including materials, food and drink
    € 35,= per day per child
    € 95,= per mid week per child (3 days)
    € 120,= per child per week (5 days)

     Arts Council Finland has supported this project to start.

    see also the art education part of this ongoing children's forest

    Children's Art Classes

    (6 to 14 years)

    including materials, food and drink
    € 35,= per day per child
    € 95,= per mid week per child (3 days)
    € 120,= per child per week (5 days)

    cc 1 June 5-7 FLY IN THE SKY (60€/child 3 days 11-15)
    cc 2 June 26-28 FLY IN THE SKY (60€/child 3 days 11-15)
    cc 3 July 17-19 FOUND IN NATURE (60€/child 3 days 11-15)
    cc 4 July 31 - August 2 HERE I AM (75€/child 3 days 10-15)
    incl. material and drink

    pf 1 June 15 open 10-15 CHILDREN'S PAINTING FESTIVAL (5€/2 hrs/child)
    pf 2 July 27  open 10-15 CHILDREN'S PAINTING FESTIVAL (5€/2 hrs/child)
    reservation Children's Forest and Art Classes at least 5 days before coming to Marja de Jong of the art-centre Saksala ArtRadius mobile +358 (0)50 4625 675

    Please ask for our special prices when combining a stay with a course
    For groups we also offer special course prices when combined with accommodation - only applicable when the accommodation and the courses are booked simultaneously

    information and reservation:
    Marja de Jong
    mobile phone 00 358 (0)50 4625 675


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