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children's forest

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    In cooperation with other organizations, groups, artists and companies, art centre Saksala ArtRadius is able to start different interesting art projects.
    This page shows the work during lessons in the primary school.
    On the special page in the EU-project ART ENLARGES THE AREA you can see the building during special events in summer.

    >Ideas for buildings and other elements are everywhere around. In books, in reality and start by yourself.

    The first assignment for the children from the ALE-ASTE KOULU (primary school) in Haukivuori was to visualize their ideas on a piece of paper without further information. Most of the children were not able to draw anything else than the clichés of trees, or were drawing complete other elements.

    The second introduction was related to the idea  to think about the way how to build structures in the trees around Saksala.
    To show the area and the size of the trees they saw pictures of different arrangements.
    In combination with pictures from Cameroon artists it was possible for them to find new and interesting combinations.

    With a gray print of single tree or a group of trees it is more inviting to start and construct new forms.
    The prints were made on A4 160 grs/m² drawing paper to guarantee a good quality of under layer. The children draw with graphite pencil B, 2B and 4B

    During the lesson the children got instructions and information about new possibilities. As much as possible real objects and pictures go with the instructions

    In the third lesson the central theme was to visualize how the buildings are in the tree.
    What is in front, what behind the trunk or branch?
    What is inside and what is outside?
    How can you show what is open and what is closed?
    How can you create a stable construction under the floor?
    Different pictures from the book: TREEHOUSES  make clear what are solutions

    and even the trees did not to be drawn, it was not so easy to realize, but the results more insight in this problem.
    It is for children of 12 years old a challenge to discover this area step by step.

    Go to the special page in the EU-project ART ENLARGES THE AREA to see the building during special events in summer.


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