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    An artist who accepts a scholarship for the artist-in-residence program in art centre Saksala ArtRadius is aware that his/her contribution is of great importance to the atmosphere, image and development of the residency. We look forward to artists with a positive attitude, interest in the local community and environment, and own initiatives to contribute to the local culture. Every artist does one's part to an attractive culture life in a sensitive rural region.

    The art center cooperates with AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry to award scholarships.
    The art center does not have (yet) a free artist-in-residence.
    The art center is not paying any compensation to artists for material, food, travel etc.
    The scholarship only reduces the costs for the rent of the accommodation in the art center during the period agreed.


    The fee for the artist-in-residence is 1750€/month.
    The fee is including a single studio and work space.
    The fee is excluding daily living costs, travel costs, materials, insurances and personal expenses.

    - Artists can apply for a scholarship in the same artist-in-residence application.
    - The scholarship is inextricably bound up with the physical stay in art centre Saksala ArtRadius for the period as has put down in writing in the scholarship certificate.
    - The scholarship is from 900€ up to 1200€ per month.
    - It is possible to combine the scholarship with a work contract for 10 hours/week to reduce the residence fee.
    - The minimum fee the artist has to pay for an artist-in-residence is 350€/month.


    We recommend only to apply if you are able to pay the (reduced) monthly fee and other expenses. You can always ask after the cost to have an indication to calculate the total budget.
    When you apply for grants in your own country, start early to get a decision in the right time.

    scholarship conditions

    1. It is possible for an artist-in-residence applicant to apply for a scholarship.
    2. Artists have to apply for a scholarship in the same form as they apply for a residence period.
    3. The awarded scholarship certificate is an official document which has to be signed by a representative of art centre Saksala ArtRadius/AREFS taide ja kulttuuri ry and the artist concerned to be valid.
    4. The awarded scholarship can only be used to reduce the costs for the accommodation rent in art centre Saksala ArtRadius.
    5. The awarded scholarship is connected with the physical stay of the invited artist during the residence period as mentioned in the invitation.
    5a. The artist has to consult the representative of the art center on beforehand by planning a (short) period outside the art center. Without consulting and/or approval the artist have to refund a proportion of the scholarship.
    6. By (partly) cancellation or shorten the residence period by the artist,  the artist has to refund  the scholarship for the period he/she is not (longer) staying in the residence.
    7. The scholarship is personal and not transferable to another person.
    8. The granted artist has to write a report about the artist-in-residence period to give account of the use of the scholarship.

    conditions and rules of art centre Saksala ArtRadius



    The artist-in-residence is ongoing. Every artist is welcome to make a reservation for an artist-in-residence to stay and work on the own art production.
    A. The monthly charge is € 1.750 per person (single) studio and workspace.
    The year round.
    Deposit 250€

    It is possible to apply in the support artist-in-residence program.

    B1. Monthly charge 550€ per person (single studio) and (shared) workspace.
    Including SAR scholarship of 1200€ per person per month.
    The year round.
    Deposit 250€

    B2. Monthly charge 400€ per person (single studio) and (shared) workspace.
    Including SAR scholarship of 1200€ per person per month.
    Period from November 1st -March 31st.
    Artists up to 35 years.
    Deposit 250€

    B3. Monthly charge 250€ per person (single studio) and (shared) workspace.
    Including SAR scholarship of 1200€ per person per month.
    Work contract 300€/month for 10 hours work/week
    Period from November 1st -March 31st.
    Artists up to 35 years.
    Deposit 250€
    LIMITED AVAILABLE  for the second/third month of an artist-in-residence period.

    Other grants have to be applied for in one's own country.

    The total amount has to be paid in advance.
    There is no refund of the residence fee.
    The deposit will be refund after the physical stay of the invited artist in the artist-in-residence.
    The deposit will not be refund when the artist-in-residence has been cancelled by the invited artist.

    Daily living costs are about 50-100€ a week, by applying for a grant (in your own country by yourself).
    It has to be a part of your budget.

    Interested, please send an email with your personal data, CV. We will send you the official application form.


    fee = costs the artist has to pay for the accommodation
    scholarship = amount that reduces the fee for the accommodation
    charge = the amount that is on the invoice we send to the artist
    deposit = security money that has to be paid in advance and will be paid back after the physical stay in the art center and the report about the residency, if necessary reduced by costs of damages, prepayments, etc
    accommodation = residence studio and work space
    cancellation = canceling, not arriving, break off, stop, shorten, interrupt the artist-in-residence stay - irrespective of the reason

    Aware that artists have to be prepared that the art center is located in a nature heritage in rural east Finland, which means that there is not lots of entertainment and that distances are much longer than in urban regions. This all is part of the challenge of a residency in "far away" regions and in the same time its charming characteristic.

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