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    August 2005 the application

    I am applying to Saksala ArtRadius for many reasons. I am an American Finn, never having lived in Finland I find the possibility to make art there amongst Finnish artists very inspiring. I think bringing Finland-my ancestral past- into my artistic vision will help strengthen my art. My art deals with the earth, topography, and nature and I would be in the topography of my ancestors experiencing their nature, climate, and culture. The mission of your foundation is very relevant to where I am in my artistic career. Working there and going to visit galleries and museums around the country I feel I would create more opportunities for me.

    My recent work deals with topography and landscape-dialogues form from topographical land-mass and animal shapes. Color, or lack there of, is very important for my work. It conveys motion, energy, and spirit. I am currently taking a summer landscape architecture class learning more about topography and would like to explore these relationships more in my art at Saksala with drawings, paintings, sculptural models, and environmental drawings or earthworks made outside. Also, I am intrigued by reading that you have a children’s forest. One of the areas that I am interested in is how children approach and interact with topography and it would be exciting if this could become a project at Saksala.

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    February 2006 after three months in the residence

    I have been at Saksala ArtRadius 3 months now and it has been a wonderful experience. I have had time and peace to work on my art without distraction and being here in the landscape of Haukivuori has inspired my work.  I have wandered around the land and witnessed it's evolution through the winter season.  I have created a topographical quilt of Saksalan Harju where the art center resides.  My purpose was to create a replica of landscape here that I can view it from a birds perspective and lay on it softly and wrap it around me.  I can also take this place that is like a home with me when I leave.  I am now working on pieces that are animals native to the region. They are a combination of animal and landscape. Everyday I go outside and wander a bit, ski, or visit with neighbors.  This is my first time being in Finland so long and I am feeling like I really live here.  In coming here I also wanted to connect with the culture and people. The people here are so friendly and helpful. I have made good friends with the neighbors, the local physician next door and the family of carpenters who live across the street.  The winter light is special here.  Every morning and evening I have a beautiful view of the sun along the horizon creating colors in the sky and the snow that are from dreams. This place has changed my life.

    March 19 2006 exhibition

    I am now at the end of my residence here at Saksala ArtRadius. Five months has gone by so quickly! It is now feeling like spring, there is still snow and skiing, but the daylight is long and the sun feels warm on your skin. Birds are returning! But soon I will leave and before that me and my fellow artist in residence will have an exhibition here at the art center. I have made my experience here positive in that I have had time and a place to work on my art. I am pleased with the amount of work I have done and a final exhibition is a good ending to this story.

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