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international artist-in-residence program in rural Finland

artist-in-residence 2005-2006 - index


  • artist-in-residence index
  • artist-in-residence 2005-2006 index
  • Sarawut Chutiwongpeti
  • Sarawut Chutiwongpeti final work
  • presentation kampus festari mikkeli 2006
  • Marius Monkam
  • Marius Monkam final work
  • Elina Tuhkanen
  • Elina Tuhkanen final work
  • Jonathon Bailey
  • Jonathon Bailey final work
  • exhibition 5 continents

  • artist studio in the residency

    planned atelier/studio in the basement

    computer area

    design of marius monkam monguen is working on 

    Art centre Saksala ArtRadius started in winter 2005/2006 the first artist-in-residence program for young artists. The center is located in the rural area of East Finland and offers the artists the silence and space of this part of the world. It is a unique place special for artists who want to stay away from urban areas.
    It is the intention to enlarge the facilities during the years and grow to a place which can be a breading place for them. By cooperating with Mikkeli Polytechnic new technology come within reach.

    The artists are staying in spacious studios with a possibility to work in it (these rooms are also used by other guests, so they have to be careful with everything).
    Special ateliers/studios are planned in the basement where they can work free without taking care of the furnished environment
    There is a special room where they can work with computers. The facilities had to be enlarged, but the basic facilities are now there.
    Special programs and a server are planned to give more facilities for media art.
    They can also use the internet, what is necessary these days.
    Some artist’s take their own computer with them.
    Working with special programs had to be available.

    One atelier (also used by groups for art courses) can be used. A second one is yet not available it is under construction. That atelier will bring more traditional facilities and space for every artist who wants to work in the art center, just like etching, silk screen printing

    atelier I in the attic 130 m²

    planned atelier II and III 300 m²

    working in the outside area

    presentation in the FOAM sculpture park

    In the outside area artists can also work and create their work. The winter period of this artist-in-residence gives special possibilities to work and enjoy. Special for artists from tropic areas the winter period is exiting and will give them new experiences.
    The children’s forest is planned ion several places in the yard.

    Organizing artist-in-residence means also that the organizer is looking for contacts and supervision by well-known and special artists, curators and art organizations. It needs time to create a group like this in which all kind disciplines, authorities, facilities is put together.

    visiting artist kari huhtamo

    curator and founder of FOAM sculpture park lucien den arend 

    website resartis

    website saksala

    Artists find the residence mostly by the internet. The Saksala site gives information in three languages and on the website of RESARTIS and TRANSARTISTS artists can also find this information and link to the Saksala site.
    Many artists are asking for information only a few of them are really applying. From them some are chosen to come, stay and work.

    children's forest project
    A special art project is going on for children and artists: the children's forest
    All over the world people are building and constructing their houses and places to live and stay. Different cultures have different ways of building, because of climate, materials, tradition, culture, danger and so on. The way of building depends also from the technical possibilities people can use, tools and experiences.

    Children play like adults and are also building, they can use all kind of materials and have no problems with any law how to build.
    In Finland children can play in the woods and near the lakes as much as they want and create their own world. It is normal they have tree houses.

    Children in cities and in the urban centers of western part of Europe are not so lucky, they don’t have place to build to get experiences with their own imaginations.

    The children’s forest of art centre Saksala ArtRadius will be a place where children can build on different locations in the forest and near the buildings. To make a place where all kind of children can have new and artistic experiences in building artists will be invited to work together with the children.

    In winter 2006 artists from different continents will get the possibility to create a plan with the children of the Asema Koulu in Haukivuori and other primary schools in Mikkeli and Pieksämäki (depending on the budget). The artists can work together with the children and bring their own culture and artistic vision into the local area of Haukivuori. This direct interaction can give new ideas about constructing, building and art to both groups.

    During summer children from Central Europe and Finnish towns are coming and they can continue the constructions. Artists are the source of inspiration and the contacts with local children can make good team working and give respect to each other’s knowledge.

    Art education is related to an open mind and be curious for unexpected experiences. Using well-know solutions can be the end of the creative process and in this project we want to open doors to the essential fundament of human beings; by giving space to an artistic way of thinking.

    The children’s forest will be a place where new and experimental artistic activities shall develop and during the years a lot of children and artists can take part in this process

    The aim is to start a special experimental project by foreign and national artists and children from the local primary school to work together to build up their own inventive constructions in the forests of the art centre Saksala ArtRadius.
    The project will start at the end of the winter and go on through the year with children from everywhere.
    Artists from different countries and cultures will participate.
    Visions of artists and special foreign artists will stimulate to look after other solutions and new way to build. Different cultures will be combined and open doors to new ideas. It will be an example of mixed cultures as a common world.

    The artist-in-residence program 2005-2006 for young artists has been supported by Arts Council Finland and the AllaprimA Foundation the Netherlands

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