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  • In winter 2009/2010 HANRI VAN HEERDEN will stay for a an artist-in-residency


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    My workplan:
    What I expect from the art centre is to learn more about other artists and their methodologies, but also to do projects where my visual language can be voiced. I would like to include either the viewer, or other artists of the community in my process of making art.
    I want to find a way where art can be the experience where alternative ways of living can be explored. I want to investigate the idea of thinking through doing.
    Joseph Beuys has been a influence on my method of thinking about these processes also artists like Francis Alÿs and Rirkrit Tiravanija.

    I usually work with a specific material which allows me to include the viewer in the work, or I use the material to measure things that are mostly regarded as immeasurable. An example of this is to measure time a conversation lasts and how it influences all the parties by chewing gum and spitting it out afterwards (the gum is the evidence that the conversation took place). This can be regarded as art within the relational aesthetic realm.

    My work is mostly temporary, but I like to think that the influence last longer than that. I photograph all my interventions, or make drawings or ask the viewer to either give me feedback or give me something in exchange when they interact with my work.
    I would like to work in various spaces, since that would be an interesting way to have a project that you can move around to get different reactions to the work. I am not sure about the materials I will need, but if you could give me an indication of what is available that could be helpful. I will have my own computer to work from.

    I would like to visit the museums to learn more about the culture and further would I like to meet people with whom I can have discussions about art and how it influences the immediate community.
    My plan is to have done a few projects, at least 3 projects that will sustain each other and with this project I would like to explore concepts about living and thinking. I am interested in the influence we have on each other and how identity and culture is constructed through that and what role art can play in the process. I will present my work in a catalogue, and it would be great if you could tell me where I will be able to print it.
    I would mainly work with installation pieces, but there will be a performative aspect to the process. I already have a website that I am currently working on, and that will also be a space where the work can live on. The documentation of the work will be necessary if I make the catalogue.

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    Visit also the website of Hanrie van Heerden.

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