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  • in the art centre are different areas for artists to work

    one of the single studios

    clara van den bosch working on a model

    a part of the working area of cully renwick

    mari shields working on her project

    The studios are for living and it is possible to work with the own computer, to make drawings and do small modeling and wood work, the room is suitable for painting and doing dusty and dirty art works.
    After ending the residence period the studio has to be in the condition as when the artist starts to live in it.

    Jolanda Schouten working on her installation

    Ilse van den berk working on her paintings

    The atelier in the attic is in use for artists in the residence and for art courses.
    Working in the atelier is free and based on consideration with other users.
    A future atelier is planned in the rest of the attic.

    The former bakery is now also a work space, there simple facilities, and it is possible to work in bigger sizes and dusty materials.
    This room is partly renovated in 2008 as a atelier were an artist can  work.

    It is also possible to work in the corridor of the basement, there is a door to an outside covered area. The corridor is also partly renovated and the floor is closed and the walls are painted.

    There are three workspaces in the basement to work with wood, metal and stone.

    The main room is in use as library and for different activities and events like meetings, performances, lectures, openings.
    Artists can use this room for computer work, own meetings and collective meals.
    The is also internet access.

    Sarawut Chutiwongpeti working on his project

    Marius Monkam working on his project

    mammoth monolith by Clara van den Bosch

    parts of the work by Clara van den Bosch

    Assistance for the sculptor Mari Shields

    Kiril Prashkov working on 'Finland's New York City'

    In the outside area is plenty of room to work.
    In winter time the days are short, it is cold and there is snow, but from February it is possible to work outside in daytime.
    Artists with the intention to work in and with the landscape can find their own areas to work.

    In the museum, the basement and attic are places to work on installations.

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