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    As a part of building intensive cultural exchange between young people from Etelä-Savo and parts of other European countries there is planned to start with a program for the Ylä-aste in Haukivuori and the college Koning Willem II in Tilburg NL.

    Through the pilot program SOUNDS OF NATURE - SOUNDS OF TRAFFIC the students will introduce their own environment to each other. They have to reflect on their own background and find the relation with the other one. Music, visual art and performance are the tools to get deeper in each other environment. Finally there will be a performance to show the interaction between the two groups.

    The college Koning Willem II has a special department for students to study art, music, dance and theater next to their regular program. The extra study in this special department starts from class 1 and goes on onto class 3 (age students 12-15 years). The Dutch school is starting cooperation with foreign schools to expand the cultural view of the youth and to make it possible to live together in a global world. Art, music, dance and theater are conditions and instruments to develop an open mind and to accept other points of view.

    The international exchange of young people from a middle size city (200 000 citizens) in the Netherlands with a country side village (2300 citizens) in Finland is a unique challenge for both groups to see the difference in the way of living, the culture and the future vision.

    The Ylä-aste of Haukivuori is a small sized school with good attention for art and culture. Already different international artists have arranged special workshops in this school. Anna Toljamo has participated in different art courses in Saksala ArtRadius and in the seminar NATURALLY ART 2008. Through art, music, dance and theatre it is possible to build a bridge of understanding and to explore the basic artistic conditions in both societies. Working together in art and music is creating an atmosphere of taking attention of the expression of others. In the same process it will develop the artistic skills of the young people and open new areas in the field of music and art.

    The exchange will start with a stay of 6 days of the Dutch group in Haukivuori in the beginning of May. During that stay the students will get experiences in the school of Haukivuori, art lessons with the students of the Ylä-aste in art centre Saksala ArtRadius and visit some cultural events like a concert or dance performance in Mikkeli. Both groups will make music together and will use the conditions available in nature and village. Finally there is the possibility to plan a performance for all people in the village and the youth of the school in and around the art centre and forest-LABYRINTH or in some other place in the village.

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