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  • Green - vihreä needs to be the key for a sustainable global development.

    In this part of the website it is the intention to anticipate on the facts, meanings, opinions and concepts for a green and sustainable future for the next generation. It is a hot item to focus on GREEN and green economy. Green and sustainable are in a way related to each other, but important is to define the economic relevance. As long as economic grow is based on depletion and destroying, and is reducing the human contribution there will never be a green and sustainable economy.

    Art centre Saksala ArtRadius is located in a rural environment with agriculture and forestry as main activities. It is a challenge to develop an art organization on this location and using the conditions of the environment.

    Responsibility is based on respect, knowledge and humanity. For Saksala ArtRadius this attitude is the base of the art center.

    In the arts it is important to reply on reality in an individual way. The environment is for most artists an important issue and each artist is replying on a personal way on the development of the contemporary reality. The art center will offer by this web pages a  sounding board for individual artists but also for, involved persons, young people and groups to bring facts, meanings, opinions  and concepts to the attention of the society, authorities, press and others.

    Art centre Saksala ArtRadius is not an action group and does not want to create such a group, but is part of the contemporary reality and cannot hide the organization behind the slogan 'business is business'.

    One issue Saksala ArtRadius is working on is how to prepare the youth for working on a sustainable future. As long as being famous, being well-know, being rich and be able to get or buy everything what comes up in your mind we give them a wrong model of our selves.

    Nobody can change the world on its own, but together with others it is possible to change the attitude of many. It is not the intention to propagate one vision on the future, because that does not exist and is also very dangerous, but to activate discussions and develop solutions for small and big issues in local societies.

    If you want to change/reform the world, start with yourself.

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