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  • irene anton - germany
  • philippe cusse - france
  • ulrika sparre - sweden

  • selection and decision

    Until January 31 2006 we have received a total number of 25 applications from 15 countries. The committee is on the whole satisfied with the quality of the applications. The way the artists specified the assignment shows their different views on the labyrinth.

    In the meeting about the labyrinth contest on Thursday February 23 2006 the committee has made their final decision. The concepts of three artists are chosen to continue. These artists are invited to continue their idea and make on location a detailed plan for the labyrinth.

    By making the decision the jury was looking after:
    1. the artist’s view on the labyrinth and the artistic quality of it
    2. if the idea can be developed and realized,
    (is it a more open idea or almost a final idea)
    3. what kind of special equipments the artist mentions
    in the proposal
    4. the expect costs by realization and maintenance
    (as far as the application this aspect shows)

    The committee was on the whole satisfied with the quality of the applications. The way the artists have specified the assignment shows their different views on the phenomenon labyrinth.

    The second step will take place from
    September 15 until September 25 2006.

    During this stay the selected artists can work on a detailed plan for the labyrinth and they can see the conditions of the area and the possibilities how to realize their ideas.

    All three selected artists had to be in the art centre in the same time, so they can work together or separately on their plans.

    One plan will be selected to build.
    In spring March/April 2007 the realization will take place.

    selection committee

    report of the LABYRINTH jury

    The LABYRINTH jury is comprised of:

    =Lucien den Arend, sculptor and curator
    =Kirsimaria Törönen-Ripatti, deputy chairman of Etelä-Savo Arts Council
    =Pia Puntanen, cultural expert regional government Etelä-Savo
    =Marja de Jong, art director Saksala ArtRadius

    has discussed in the meetings from October 11 and 20 2006 the LABYRINTH plans by:

    =Irene Anton, Germany SENSUAL LABYRINTH
    =Philippe Cusse, France BIRCH BRANCHES LABYRINTH
    =Ulrika Sparre, Sweden LABYRINTH- 5 PATHS – MANY WAYS

    made during the period from September 15-25 2006 and has made the conclusion that the different plans all have a good artistic level and would all be worth realizing.

    The plans are all expressly tailored to the existing forest and they all show an interesting and personal view on the area.

    The decisive factor for the jury is the clear relation between the plan and the future use in context to the art centre. This will be the first labyrinth realized in this way in Finland.

    The jury has decided to have the LABYRINTH plan of Philippe Cusse, France executed as a plan in which nature and art integrate harmoniously and the symbol of the birch branch as the outline for the paths-structure makes a link with the Finnish forests.

    The area will be prepared during autumn and winter by doing ground work and cutting trees and it will be finally realized in spring 2007.
    The artist shall execute his plan assisted by one or more workers during the spring 2007.

    An official opening of the LABYRINTH is planned in May or June in the beginning of next summer season.

    the jury

    Philippe Cusse is not able to realize his plan.

    It is a pity a professional artist does not realize, by accepting the invitation for the second part of the LABYRINTH in February 2006, the executing of the LABYRINTH has been planned for March/April 2007.

    After participating in September and after receiving the report of the jury it turns out the winner is not able to accept the realization of his plan in the planned period and he has to reject the invitation.

    Both other participants, Irene Anton and Ulrika Sparre  will be invited to cooperate in a plan based on their both original plans.

    the jury

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