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  • The forest-LABYRINTH of Saksala ArtRadius is a unique LABYRINTH. There is no tradition in Finland to create labyrinths/mazes. This forest-LABYRINTH is built in a neglected Christmas tree forest and the plan is based on the condition of forest. The paths are developed through the existing open areas and there are still many places to create new paths and new art works.

    map of the forest-LABYRINTH
    the green parts are open for public
    the sculptures and installations are in the green parts

    The forest-LABYRINTH is an inviting and inspiring environment for different kinds of visitors.

    Go around and find a personal interaction.

    Artists can create new art works and installations

    Children can enjoy the magical atmosphere and imagine to be in a fairy tale.

    Adults can find specific elements related to their interest, like nature, art, imagination, stories, suspense.


    Go around on a dark winter evening and feel the artistic atmosphere by Ludmilla Belova and Nadya Zubareva two Russian artists.

    passing the grass road between the front part and the back part there are in the middle three installations

    the first installation is of Behrouz Rae and Fereshte Moosavi. These Iranian artists have made a series of portraits of people involved in art centre Saksala ArtRadius.
    The portraits are naturalistic, because they made through plaster models directly cast of the individual heads.
    The material and the color are creating a distance between the visitor and the portrait. Still it calls for a strong affinity with each of the portrayed persons.

    In the middle there is on the top of some trees the installation of Marijke Bongers. The Dutch artist is often working with fabric and this is one of her first sizable works.
    The place was chosen because of the feeling and the open view to the sky.
    The tree trunk is painted white and shows very subtle the tracks of insects. Through the trunk the visitor is invited to look to the sky and the colored sticks are waving in the wind or blinking in the sun.


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