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  • 5 CONTINENTS March-April 2006
  • FOTIE FOKA Isaac
  • NGO BAYIMBE Cecile Nadège
  • ELANGUE MOUYENGA Marthe Clotilde
  • NKEUZEU NDOMBOU Jules Marcia
  • KWAYI Norbert

  • exhibition ‘5 continents’

    the color of the world in the white winter of Finland

    The Cameroon CADRA GROUP has arrived on Monday after a trip with many problems. Their part in the exhibition ‘5 continents’ is now ready and you are welcome to see the artistic works of these African artists.

    Sunday March 26 will be a special Cameroon day in Saksala ArtRadius.
    There will be coffee and sweets from this country.
    Cameroon music and dance and of course the Cameroon artists are pleased to meet you.

    Riitta Moisander mentioned in her opening’s speech that in art centre Saksala ArtRadius ‘global meet local’. With the 5 months of residency from the artists Elina Tuhkanen (USA), Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (Thailand), Marius Monkam (Cameroon) and Jonathon Bailey (Australia) and with the visit of the CADRA GROUP it is clear this art center brings the world into the little village Haukivuori. International artists are coming with their own background, references, dreams and specialties and see the everyday live in this part of Finland as it is new and never seen. They give the local people a new point of view on their environment and way of living. What happens is the opposite of traveling by yourself, the world change by the view of somebody else. Art shows what we can see and how we can see.

    The CADRA GROUP is not working in Saksala ArtRadius, but brings their own world into the art center. With paintings, little sculptures, masks, images made by banana leafs and with typical pygmy cloths and temporary Cameroon fashion they show the world from far.

    The traditional African elements in the works will appeal many visitors. Buying of the art works will give a positive signal to these artists and will increase their self-respect and their possibilities to go on with their artistic work.

    members of the CADRA GROUP participating in the exhibition ‘5 continents’

    NGO BAYIMBE Cecile Nadège was born on the 28th of March 1983 in Yaoundé. She started to paint in her tender ages, and was very much encouraged by her parents. While she was still in secondary school precisely government bilingual high school Yaoundé, she did painting whenever she had a bit of time
    Bacena (her artist name), paints women and their lives, nature and its environment.

    FOTIE FOKA Isaac was born on the 16th of January 1970 in Mamfé in the south west province of Cameroon. Son of Bamileke parents very close to the Bandjoun chieftaincy in the western part of Cameroon. It is only after his secondary education that he became very much interested in plastic arts and painting. He married in 1995 and is father of three children.In 1991, the artist was initiated by Etolo Eyah Emmanuel who introduced him in the world of arts.Later on in 1992 to 1994, he went to the CENAC of Nbalmayo (Centre d’Animation Culturelle Art graphique et plastique)He did sculpture on woods such as Ebene, Iroko, Bete to bring forth the culture of his village, statutes of African trade marks, animals, … are the fruit of his labour.Since 1997, FOTIE FOKA or Fofo as he is commonly called is an artist, painter, and art trainer in CADRA;

    ELANGUE MOUYENGA Marthe Clotilde is a young Artist –and Cultural presentator. She is very much known by her nickname Elan. She was born on the 19th February 1980 at Edéa, of a father and mother from Fan. The Fan people live 35 km to the bakas (pygmies living in the forest zone south of Cameroon).
    she decided to get closer to the pygmies people in 1997 when she was only 17 years old. She spend a lot of time with pygmies, so as to bether understand their lifestyle.
    She later on went to the National School of Cultural animators in 2000 – 2002, after she worked for the Cultural and Artistic Space.She works with skin of banana trees and raphia

    NKEUZEU NDOMBOU Jules Marcia also known as Juma, his name of artist, was born on the 11th of November 1979 in Yaoundé. His parents are from the western province of Cameroon. They are very much influenced and impressed by the professional life of their son.
    At the age of 14, he was enrolled in the Centre de Development des Arts de Yaoundé, which was financially aided at that time by the French Cultural Center of Yaoundé.
    His works of arts are done basically with wood from the equatorial forest in the south of Cameroon, such as Iroko, Obom, Okoumé.

    KWAYI Norbert was born on the 29th December 1977 at Loum - Cameroon
    He works in the domain of computer and more especially as infographist. In 2001, he obtained a diploma of higher education known as BTS in tourism, from the Cameroonian House of Tourism in Douala.
    This Cameroonian House of Tourism is very well known in France, Belgium and England for her warmth welcome services, which it offers to tourists.
    It is equally in charge of presenting the cultural and tourist mark and diversity of Cameroon in and out of Cameroon.

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