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  • 5 CONTINENTS March-April 2006

  • exhibition ‘5 continents’

    the color of the world in the white winter of Finland

    opening March 19 2006 at 5 PM by Riitta Moisander pääsihteri Etelä-Savon Taidetoimikunta

    The young international artists
    Elina Tuhkanen - USA
    Jonathon Bailey – Australia
    Marius Monkam – Cameroon
    Sarawut Chutiwongpeti - Thailand
    are the first artists invited to stay in art centre Saksala ArtRadius for up to 5 months.
    During this winter they were living in the residency of the art center and they were able to work concentrated on their different projects.

    Art centre Saksala ArtRadius in Haukivuori has selected these artists because they show in their application that they were interested in the rural area of a region like Haukivuori. Their plans were focused on the history, the people, the topical and geographic and climate circumstances.

    They all came with their dreams, their expectations, their specific artistic talent, their plans and plenty of time. 5 Months to work, all plans can be realized, but even they worked every day, the work seems to grow in stead of decreasing.

    By living together they inspire each other by discussing looking after the plans, enjoying with skiing, discovering the special effects of Finnish winter. The exchange of experiences, visions and technical know-how enrich every one personal.

    With their experiences during 5 months of living in the rural area of Finland they will take with them a part of the mystery of the Finnish mentality. In what way this will influence their artistic work is unknown, but it will be enriching their lives for ever. It was a real pleasure to have them in the art center and to see how serious they take their artistic talent.

    They all came from 4 different continents to the fifth one Europe to build on their artistic vision. One’s personal expression can grow in discussing with these total different backgrounds of the other artists. It is the aim of the art center to give room and time for this kind of experiences. It was the first year and we can say that in spite of the very small budget (there was a grant from Arts Council and from the AllaprimA Foundation in the Netherlands, the costs are several times higher) the idea works and has possibilities to grow. Hopefully we can have a more adequate budget coming year.

    With a more comfortable budget it would be possible to invite regional and national artists to work together with the artists in the residency. Also this part of the idea can be developed and it will make this rural area to a breeding place of young international art.

    With the artists of this period the art center shows it is possible to attract young artists to this rural area far away from the urban highlights like Helsinki. Together with more of this art centers (all with their own individual view) and art activities in Etelä-Savo an artistic area of high quality will grow up.

    The exhibition shows (parts of) the works from:
    Sarawut Chutiwongpeti is working on his ongoing project ‘the Installation series of Untitled (Wishes, Lies and Dreams)’ on different places in the world. From all, he has the most experiences with artist-in-residence programs. In October and November he was in Pro Artibus Artist in Residency in Ekenas and was able to give a presentation of his last part of the Installation series of Untitled (Wishes, Lies and Dreams >> Heartsick On The Open Sea With Stars…). In Saksala he his working on another part of this project.  It would be very interesting if the little village Haukivuori is a part of this artistic documentation from Sarawut Chutiwongpeti. This moment we are still looking after some financial support to realize the main part of the project. He will stay until July, so in spring and summer he can continue with his interesting work.

    Marius Monkam -my environment and me -

    the interactive cd-rom with information about the

    area of Haukivuori and with a gamezone


    gouaches - the child and the big fish in the lake - the girl on the rock in the middle of the lake enjoying the scenery - the forest - hauki_halli - lake kyyvesi - the child ion the snow - Saksala ArtRadius building -

    Marius Monkam has build an interactive cd-rom in which the history, the stories, the authentic geographic location and human activity of this area are concentrated.
    This is also some kind of documentation of this region, but the way Marius Monkam is working is total different than in the vision of Sarawut. The work of Sarawut quiet down, like a dream, the colors are just like the twilight periods of the day. The work of Marius Monkam shows the opposite his bright display of color splatters from the screen. His African roots design his imagination. The combination with the Finnish winter shows a fascinating integration. His gouaches are studies and impressions of the confrontation with an unknown area.

    Elina Tuhkanen - Näkymätön Sarja : the Unseen Series -

    - bear - dear - stag - canbow II - tern - moose - canbear - stag II - antelope - wolves - bear - canbow III - wolf - small wolf -



    Elina Tuhkanen has Finnish roots, but is born and had lived in the USA her whole live. She is also fascinated by the geographical phenomenon of this area. In different ways she is investigate the quality of the area. It depends of the material, the process and the subject which element come up in the work she makes.  Her work shows fascinating aspects of the layered landscape, colorful, monochrome, soft, inflexible, small and large.

    Jonathan Bailey - one last run -


    the work shows the moment the explosion has taken place but the sound of it did not reach the ears

    Jonathan Bailey is compiling a series of short video recorded process based studies and performances he has conducted in Haukivuori. The resulting video work orchestrates the rawness and experimental nature of human inquisition in a foreign land. The house, being a common structure people gravitate towards as a means of living, provides an interesting model around which to study local psycho-geography. The performance aspect of the video work in progress will portray a local inhabitant of Haukivuori in a moment of daily living and interaction with the surrounding environment.

    opening of the exhibition Sunday March 19 2006

    Riitta Moisander mentioned in her opening’s speech that in art centre Saksala ArtRadius ‘global meet local’ With the 5 months of residency from the artists Elina Tuhkanen (USA), Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (Thailand), Marius Monkam (Cameroon) and Jonathon Bailey (Australia) and with the visit of the CADRA GROUP it is clear this art center brings the world into the little village Haukivuori. International artists are coming with their own background, references, dreams and specialties and see the everyday live in this part of Finland as it is new and never seen. They give the local people a new point of view on their environment and way of living. What happens is the opposite of traveling by yourself, the world change by the view of somebody else.



    during the opening there was a warm and interested contact between the artists, the visitors and the art works

    During the first week of the exhibition these four artists get companionship from 5 artists from the Cameroon CADRA group. Marius Monkam has invited them to show the background of his work and to clear his vision on the local area of Haukivuori.
    Marthe Elange Mouyenga - cultural animator
    Isaac Fotie Foka - painter
    Cecile Ngo Bayimbe - painter
    Norbert Kwayi -. painter
    Jules Nzeukeu Ndombou - painter
    Their works show complete other roots than the Nordic one and can be a source of surprise, discussing and inspiration.

    - on Sunday March 19 from 17-19 the artists will be all present during the opening of the exhibition in the AllaprimA MuseuM of art centre Saksala ArtRadius.
    - Riita Moisander chairman from Etelä Savon Taidetoimikunta will open the exhibition at 5 PM
    - the exhibition will end on Sunday April 23 2006
    -during the first week of the exhibition (19.3-26.3.2006) there is also work of a group of 5 artists from the Cameroon CADRA group
    - people are welcome to visit the exhibition and meet the artists on:
    20.3. – 26.3.2006 ma-su 12-16
    29.3. – 23.4.2006 ke-su 12-16

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