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I Still Can See an Outside World

  • TESSA ANDROUTSOPOULOS - I Still Can See an Outside World - prints - 13.3.-30.4.2011
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  • I Still Can See an Outside World

    Tessa Androutsopoulos 2011

    The work I have produced during my residency at Saksala ArtRadius contrasts the isolation I have felt during my stay in Haukivuori and the creativity and energy I feel when I am in a bigger city, close to friends I haven’t made yet, young and beautiful people with whom to talk about art, collaborations that could take place. Some of the pieces in the exhibition, like Covet the nest, for example, are directly about how weak and isolated I have felt during these past months, while others (Some people I met in P.E.C. and the Juha-series) are a result of me pining for all the good, creative times I have had in the past with people I have met during my travels. After the first initial shock caused by this voluntary isolation, I started thinking about how to use rural language to describe urban subject matter. The result, I love you more than squirrels love nuts, uses the visual language of Saksala to talk about the energy and excitement of big cities. However, even though I have been missing my life in the city (any city, not Helsinki, Glasgow, Athens, Toronto or any other specific one, even though those cities do form a reference point, of course) being in Saksala has taught me a valuable lesson; it has shown me who I am and what I need in order to mould my ideas into finished pieces, which is other creative people to bounce ideas off of, metros to leave my zines in, parks to have ex tempore parties in with people I have never met. Sometimes, to get a better view of what you need, it is necessary to step away from it and look at it from a distance.

    The hot air balloons are a metaphor for this idea, getting a better view of my life and the nature of my creativity while looking at it from far away. Also, the choice of mediums used, crochet and felting (in addition to my usual printmaking), describes my stay in Haukivuori perfectly, as I had, local techniques describing a more urban, but at the same time also more personal subject matter.

    I have always been interested in sequences, which is why the majority of the work I have produced during my stay at Saksala ArtRadius has taken the forms of zines, which I intend to leave lying around in public places once back in Helsinki. The idea that one image is not a complete work of art until it is seen in context, has always been a prevalent one in my creative practice. This time, the zines themselves form parts of a whole. The progress of my adjusting to this isolation can be seen from one zine to the next (and within each zine as well, of course, especially Week 10, which is, essentially, a diary).

    Tessa Androutsopoulos

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