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  • During the project period the partners will study how to build up their own idea for the residence, what kind of network they need and how to cooperate with social groups in their area.
    Making plans and programs is one part, a good promotion a second and interesting contacts a third part.
    By visiting different locations, other residences and see different intentions a good coherent idea can be investigate.

    visiting the different locations of the first partners of the project

    article in Länsi-Savo on Sunday August 24 2006

    The participants were driving during a day around all the residences to get  impressions of the locations, facilities, area and contacts.
    During the tour personal contacts has started and individual ideas of the airnet project were presented and discussed.
    The view about the residence is a developing process and the unique character of the group of residences shall  grow in the period of establishing.

    On October 4 2006 the group visits different kind of residences in Viitasaari and Jyväskylä.
    It is interesting to see in what way residences are established and what kind of aim they have and how they are working.
    The residence Tuulensuu in Viitasaari has started as an private initiative from the former banker Arvo Kananen. He build the atelier in the neighborhood of his summer cottage and invited artists to stay for one month (only during summer) to work.
    Around the place is a sculpture park with work from: Martti Aiha, Carolus Enkeil, Radoslaw Gryta, Veikko Hirvimäki, Pekka Jylhä and Hannu Siren.
    The sculpture park and the residence is now a foundation.
    (the sculpture in the middle is from Radoslaw Gryta)

    The second residence during this trip is Miekkaniemi also in Viitasaari. This residence is special for musicians. They are specialized in jazz and blues from the USA. A good example of a couple involved with the music of emotion.

    In Jyväskylä the third residence has been visited.  The Jyväskylän Grafiikkakeskus is a part of the Jyväskylä art museum. In the basement is a very professional print atelier and artists staying in the residence can work here for free. There are different options for artists to apply. It is interesting to see that specialism gives an own possibility and image to the residence.

    text Juhanni Saarinen
    image Juha Metso

    article in Helsingin Sanomat 26.3.07 about the residence project and the pilot activities

    Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences

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