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    Art centre Saksala ArtRadius is a private organization with a great interest for new and innovative developments in the artistic field. 

    In the middle of the silent nature of the pure rural area of East Finland the private art centre Saksala ArtRadius offers professional artists an opportunity for concentrated work in an exceptional environment. The quiet setting of the studios, thoughtfully designed interiors, and landscape views create an ideal space for creativity and intense productivity.

    Located near a small village in the Eastern part of Finland, the small sized art centre  hosts 15-20 young and mid-career painters, sculptors, new genre artists, photographers, and art students from across the around the world each year, with up to 1-6 artists-in-residence at a time.

    Location Haukivuori, Etelä-Savo, 40 km north of Mikkeli  (pop. 2,300).
    A traditional rural village in the heart of the lake district.
    The Center’s campus is composed of an old manor, build as an old people's home and some other buildings in use by other persons, on the ridge of the biggest monolith of Europe.

    Residency Length: 1-5 months

    Average number of artists in residence at a time: 1-6

    Number of artists accepted (vs. total application pool): 36 (114)

    Eligibility Application type: electronic pre-application
    ongoing for residency the year round
    application deadline July 31 for November-March winter residency

    Geography: Open to artists from all over the world

    Disciplines Visual arts: Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture, Woodworking
    Other: Interdisciplinary Arts, Conceptual Arts, Multimedia Arts

    Serious, young, emerging or mid-career visual artists and art students from all over the world are eligible.

    Past Residents & Quotes:
    I have learned so much in so short time.
    There was so much time to concentrate on my art production.
    The silence in nature has given me new views on my work.
    It was so nice to work with the youth of the local school.
    The collaboration has offered me new possibilities in my art.

    Facilities & Services Studios:
    Painting and Drawing atelier,
    small Sculptures and Woodworking inside,
    Sculpture and Woodworking outside area.

    Housing: Private studio complete furnished with mini kitchen, shower and toilet

    Internet access: Computer and internet connection provided in library (shared),

    Other facilities and services: Local transportation provided by organization.
    Smoking permitted outdoors only.

    Residency fees:
    application fee - 25€
    residency fee - 1750€/month (scholarships 700-1200€/month available)
    deposit - 250€ (guarantee for the stay and secure extra costs)

    Stipends/other support:
    Annual we can offer about 34 partly Scholarship Residency Awards - from 700€ up to 1200€/month
    and/or 10-hours/week work contract, to national and international artists to reduce the costs for the rent of the studio.

    The artists have to take care for travel costs, materials, daily living, personal costs and insurance.

    Additional expectations/opportunities: 
    There are art openings, art projects and community events that Residents may participate in if they choose;
    however, participation is entirely voluntary, and Residents may pick and choose among the events offered.

    Interested, please send an email with your personal data, CV. We will send you the official application form.

    The art center takes care of the funding of the awarded scholarships and selects the artists carefully.
    The budget is limited and the awarded artist has to accept all the obligations resulting his selection.
    See and read the conditions and rules carefully to be informed.

    Saksala ArtRadius

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