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  • symposium 2006 'HOMO ERECTUS'

    In the spring of 2006 FOAM/ArtRadius and Saksala ArtRadius will organize the second sculpture symposium - this time based on the theme HOMO ERECTUS. The oldest findings of Homo erectus are known from east Africa, and are about 1.8 million years old. During the next 1.5 million years, Homo erectus spread to north Africa, Europe and Asia. Homo erectus was the first member of the human family to use fire.

    Towards the end of the twentieth century figurative art had not yet fully recaptured its terrain. But around the turn of the century a growing number of artists have again taken up using the human figure in their work. Any interpretation or allusion to the human figure or humanity as a whole is possible.

    Number of artists: 6

    The period: April 30-May 14 2006

    The material: wood, or natural materials available in the landscape - the weight of the sculptures or the elements used in the works and projects should be no more that can be moved and/or installed by hand (human energy) - exceptions could be possible, the budget permitting

    Presentation on April 30 and May 14 2006

    a catalogue and a website presentation will be prepared after the symposium
    professional sculptors can apply by sending an email with their qualifications and/or cv. and pictures or website address of their work.
    six sculptors shall be selected to work with the available materials and tools.
    deadline for sending applications: January 31 2006
    Invitations will be sent February 28 2006
    artists will stay in the residence of art centre Saksala ArtRadius with 2 persons a studio
    free lodging and meals
    Fee 450€ (excluding travel costs, insurances, personal expenses)
    It is necessary to bring with you your own (small and/or special) tools

    The works will remain in the sculpture park/art center during 3 years - after which the artist can arrange transportation of the sculpture to a destination of his/her own choosing and expense - otherwise the work will remain on loan to the sculpture park.

    the selection

    works of some applicants


    brigitte sasshofer

    dominika griesgraber

    janina rudnicka

    Until January 31 2006 a total number of 16 applications from 9 countries are received .
    The selection committee is on the whole satisfied with the quality of the applications.

    milena taneva


    oleksander smyrnov

    In the meeting about the symposium HOMO ERECTUS on Thursday February 23 2006 the jury has made their final decision.
    The decision includes the invitation from 6 artists.
    These artists are invited to work during the symposium from April 30 until May 14 2006.

    ozgur turhan


    rumen dimitrov

    By making the decision the committee has looked after:
    1. the quality of the artists’ sculptures
    2. if the idea can be developed and realized
    3. what kind of special equipments the artist needs
    4. the expect costs by realization

    stefan esterbauer


    agnessa petrova


    yildiz guner

    varol topaç

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