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  • The artistic and cultural exchange program is meant for pupils from secondary schools, age 13/14-18/19 years.

    The participating school needs to have the intention to make an exchange program based on artistic (art/music/theater/dance) and cultural ideas.

    Based on the preferences and ideas the art center will make the contacts with the secondary school(s) in Haukivuori and/or Mikkeli and also with other relevant organizations to build on a specific program for the exchange.

    The school will inform the art center about the level of artistic skills of their pupils to make it possible to match it as much as possible with the Finnish school level.

    The program contents active artistic workshops and presentations which take place in the art center, in the school and other locations related to the program.

    It is possible to make special appointments to the program content.

    The group will stay in art centre Saksala ArtRadius for the period of the exchange.


    Art centre Saksala ArtRadius is a unique place in the rural area of Eastern Finland and has the facilities, experience and competence to organize artistic and cultural exchange for pupils from secondary schools.

    The art center has different work spaces, an atelier, a residency with 6 studios, library/main room, AllaprimA MuseuM, art shop inside the main building. Outside are the forest-LABYRINTH, FOAM Sculpture Park, and orchard. In the surroundings are fields, forests and lake.

    The art center is a unique and inspiring place to stay and offers a special cultural and artistic environment.

    During the exchange program the art center is not open for public.

    The exchange program is supervised by the art director of Saksala ArtRadius.


    LODGING: the art center can be rented as an entity with 6 studios up to maximum of total 18 persons, or partly from 6-18 persons (2-6 studios).

    STAY: minimum 4 days (3 nights) maximum 8 days (7 nights)

    COSTS: from 2470€ (including VAT) for 4 days (3 nights - 4 studios) to 4440€ (including VAT) for 8 days (7 nights - 4 studios), extra studio (if available) 155€ per night.
    INCLUDING: lodging in 4-6 studios (depending on the number of persons), main room, one art workshop, transport to different locations during the stay, planning and supervising the exchange program, art workshop materials, towels, bed linen.

    DEPOSIT: 500€, refunding within 21 days after the stay (after deduction of  any expenses, damages etc)

    EXCLUDING: meals, personal expenses, insurances, travel costs on the first and last day, extra art workshops.

    OFFER: Saksala ArtRadius gives an offer for the lodging, facilities and program, this will be valid for 14 days.

    RESERVATION: the reservation contents an agreement between the visiting school and Saksala ArtRadius about the intention of the program, the conditions and the payment.

    PAYMENT: the reservation is valid after the payment of the deposit and the first half of the costs or the whole amount, the second half of the costs has to be paid at the latest 8 weeks before arrival.

    FUNDING: the school/organization and the art center can/will apply (separate and/or together) for funding to make it possible for every interested pupil to participate in the exchange and to cover extra costs.   


    The art center takes care of lodging, meeting/living/dining room, work spaces, transport to different locations, art workshop, supervising exchange program,  and contacts.

    The school/organization takes care of enough and qualified guidance during the stay and the execution of the program.

    The inspiring particular and unusual artistic environment with art works from many international artists has to be respected by all participants.

    Meals can be prepared by the guidance in the kitchen of the lobby.

    The kitchens in the studios will be not in use by the pupils during the stay.

    During the stay the school/organization is responsible for damages, unseemly behavior, etc by the participants (pupils and guidance) and has to compensate all the cost of damages, behavior, etc.

    rules of conduct

    1. it is free to go in- and outside the art center with taking care of the surroundings, the art works and the private area.
    2. it is free to visit the forest-LABYRINTH, the AllaprimA MuseuM and the FOAM sculpture park in accordance of their function and meaning.
    3. please take care of the art and the materials, tools and machineries in the buildings and fields.
    4. sculptures and other art objects are not to climb, push, jump or sit on .
    5. without permission it is not allowed to touch or use (art) materials, tools and machinery.
    6. the school/organization is responsible by damages of the art, materials, tools and machinery.

    7. the workspace (in- and outside) and atelier are available during the program.
    8. after using, the spaces have to be cleaned.
    9. all machines, tools which are available can be used after making an appointment.
    10. the school/organization is responsible to use it in the right way, clean it and bring back to the right place.
    11. art materials are included in the workshops.
    12. extra and personal materials have to be brought with the school/organization and/or pupils.
    13. keep in mind that in this area not all kind of art material is available.

    14. respect the silence of the place and environment, don’t bring inconvenience to others by noise.
    15. sound by radio, disc player, television, computer etc has to be soft, and inside the studios.
    16. only during rehearsals and studies it is allowed to produce more sound.

    17. it is not allowed to smoke or make fire in the studio or any place in the building.
    18. it is not allowed to keep or use hard or soft drugs, to use energy drinks or to use alcohol in any form.
    18.1 by not keeping these rules the school/organization is responsible for the costs, the contract will be dissolved and the school/organization has to leave the art centre.

    19. bed linen and towels are washed and dried by the art centre.
    20. ad € 3.50 (including VAT) per time own washes can be washed.
    21. there is an electric iron and ironing-board available.

    22. the studios are furnished with beds, table, chairs, wardrobe, mini kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, water cooker and kitchenware, toilet, shower, boiler, bed linen, towels,  smoke and fire alarm.
    23. the rooms and the inventory have to be used in accordance of their function and meaning.
    23.1. e.g. jumping on beds, chairs, tables etc is not allowed.
    24. because of mice, food has to be in closed boxes and pots.
    25. garbage has to put in a plastic bag and in the refuse bin.
    26. the school/organization takes care of the studios and used work spaces and is responsible for damages and cleaning.
    27. all damages have to be reported immediately, if found during the final inspection extra costs will be charged.

    28. before departure the used rooms have to cleaned and reset in the original order.
    28.1. the final inspection is at the latest one hour before departure.


    1 the offer is valid after an agreement by email and/or sending a signed copy of the contract by the school/organization
    2 the school/organization takes care of the payment of the costs and the deposit (=total amount)
    2.1 the payment has to be done in the following way:
    2.2 the deposit and first half of the costs has to be paid 14 days after the agreement
    2.3 second half of the costs has to be paid at latest 8 weeks before the arrival
    2.3.1 a reservation within 8 weeks before arrival has to be paid in one term (=total amount)
    2.4 by in default of 2.2 and/or 2.3 and/or 2.3.1 the art centre has the right to cancel the reservation and to pass the whole amount on to the school/organization
    3 the school/organization takes care of all the (bank) costs
    4 by in default (2.2, 2.3 and 2.3.1) all the costs* are for the school/organization
    5 The total costs has to be paid in advance.
    6 There is no refund of the residence fee.
    7 The deposit will be refund within 21 days after the stay, if necessary reduced by costs of damages, prepayments, etc.
    8 The deposit will not be refund when the reservation has been cancelled by the school/organization.
    9 When the school/organization cancels/has to cancel the reservation, the art centre reserves the right to pass also the costs for preparing the program and appointments, and for reservations and prepayments to third parties.
    10 All the (bank) costs for the transfer are for the account of the school/organization.

    We recommend to take a cancellation insurance before the first payment.

    *By in default of the payment the school/organization will be charged for the all costs, related to the final payment, as there are legal interest, collection costs, costs in reference to legal procedure, bailiff.
    Overdue accounts will be deal by an undertake debt collection.

    Art centre Saksala ArtRadius only accept regular bank transfers or payments by WESTERN UNION and does not accept payments by internet, credit cards, or cheques.

    The conditions and rules on the website remain as final valid and are used in difference of opinion. Art centre Saksala ArtRadius keeps the right to change the conditions and rules without reason.

    Any controversies will be decided by a court of competent jurisdiction in the city of Mikkeli, according to the laws of Finland.   

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