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    little ART is a non-governmental, non-profit organization that fosters creativity and imagination in children and young people all over the world. We believe that people can find their way to one another via the language of art. And those who follow this path as children will continue along it as adults. This is our conviction and this is what little ART stands for – a better world, a better tomorrow.

    little ART e.V. set up as a registered society in Munich in June 2004.

    little ART is a non-governmental, non-profit organization whose activities are financed solely by donations and sponsors' contributions. The goal of the association is to foster creativity and imagination in children and young people all over the world in order to help them appreciate the language of art as a means of encountering themselves and others.

    The driving force behind little ART is a team of cultural managers, artists, art educators and designers. They devise the projects and supervise them right up to the finished "artwork", zealously advancing the organization's goals in this way. By networking with children's aid organizations all over the world, little ART is in a position to reach children on the social and geographical periphery as well. Apart from such project-related partner organizations, little ART has gained the long-term support of 'KMS', a design studio, 'freelance team', a communications agency, and the Munich House of Artists Foundation.

    The office of little ART e.V. is at Amalienstraße 41, Munich. This is also the site of the little ART Gallery – Munich's first gallery for children's and young people's art.

    Philosophy and Objectives
    Fostering children's creativity

    Children are open, spontaneous, vibrant, curious, life-affirming – and creative. We want children to enjoy the opportunity to live out these traits without restrictions and we believe that art is the ideal medium for doing so. This being its goal, little ART fosters creativity and imagination in children and young people all over the world. We create a forum where young people can get together in order to give free rein to their creative imaginations in shared projects. Our approach is an integrative one – we work on an international level and enable children from all social, cultural and religious backgrounds to discover art for themselves, hand in hand.

    Art gives pleasure and strengthens the personality

    When we paint, do craftwork or draw, there is no such thing as being right or wrong – everything is permissible. Through art, children can discover themselves, find their identity and strengthen their self-confidence.

    Promoting a school of empathy

    All children in this world have a shared attribute: they want to explore, conquer and experience the world. little ART supports them in this aim, fosters their journey of discovery and their enthusiasm and encourages them to see the world with open eyes and experience it with all their senses.

    Art and creativity – a language all children speak.

    Art unites and makes unity across cultural, social, religious and national boundaries possible. Children and young people gain a new understanding of topics like foreignness and otherness by approaching them creatively and develop insights into global diversity.

    By fostering children's creativity and imaginations, we help to foster exchange and dialogue between children and young people all over the world.

    Crossing boundaries and creating a better world

    The children and young people of today will be the designers of our future tomorrow. Those who learn to seek a dialogue across borders as children will also do so as adults – we are convinced of this and this is why we see it as our duty to invest in children. For a better world, a better tomorrow. That is what little ART stands for.

    little ART Gallery
    Munich's first gallery for children's and young people's art

    The little ART Gallery is little ART's physical site, serving as the organization's art gallery plus headquarters. The gallery is used for exhibitions of children's artworks created within the scope of our projects and is also the site of workshops, concerts, lectures and other events. Located right in the heart of Munich's museum district, the gallery reaches a wide public, thus communicating the organization's objectives and children's peace message to the outside world. The children's artworks can even be viewed by people who do not live in Munich, as we organize traveling exhibitions within Germany and in other countries, too.

    As with our large international projects, social harmony is as important for the events held at the little ART Gallery as the integration of physically and mentally disabled children. This integrative approach does not define disablement as a flaw but rather as a form of natural diversification and thus an enrichment of human existence. It is one of our main objectives to communicate this attitude to the outside world. The little ART Gallery is thus also more than a mere art gallery – it is a forum for meetings between children and adults, the disabled and non-disabled, Germans and non-Germans, in brief, a meeting place that transcends all presumed boundaries.

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