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    With a network of child art organization around the world art education can develop in quality and be available for every child.
    art centre Saksala ArtRadius and the AllaprimA MuseuM will cooperate with these organizations to create new possibilities


    Annantolan Arts Centre

    Art education laboratory offering art tuition, exhibitions, festivals, special projects and other events for Helsinki children and young people. The mission is to create a favorable atmosphere for children and adolescents to practice, experience and see arts and culture. The main form of co-operation with schools and kindergartens is the "5 times 2 hours" concept, in which pupils from schools and kindergartens participate in artistic creation during five lessons of two hours each. The Annantalon Arts Centre ateliers for visual arts, music, theatre and dance are used every day.

    Arx Centre for Children and Young People

    Taikalampu, ‘Aladins Lamp’, is a network of Finnish centres for culture for children. The aim is to develop art and culture for children and adolescents in Finland. Taikalampu promotes the operation of the children’s culture centres that already exist and contributes to the establishment of services where there aren’t any yet.


    HYVINKÄÄ Art Centre For Children And Young People

    Art Centre for Children and Young People is an institute maintained by the Finnish Ministry of Education and the City of Hyvinkää. Art Centre promotes art education and visual arts locally and globally. Art Centre works in co-operation with all kinds of experts. Art Centre organizes exhibitions and competitions, collects works of art, educates and encourages to experience the world of art. 

    The member organizations of the foundation of Art Centre for Children and Young People are:
    • Finnish Ministry of Education
    • City of Hyvinkää, Finland
    • The Film and Television Education Center in Finland
    • Artists´ Association of Hyvinkää, Finland
    • University of Jyväskylä / Art Education, Finland
    • The Association for Art Teachers in Finland
    • Young Power Organisation, Finland
    • The Finnish Association of Art Schools for Children and Young People
    • Central Union for Child Welfare, Finland
    • Finnish Youth Co-Operation Allianssi
    • Artists´ Association of Finland
    • University of Art and Design Finland
    • Finnish National Gallery
    The website does not longer exists

    Centre for Cultural and Youth Affairs

    The task of Centre of Cultural and Youth Affairs is to create the preconditions for high-quality cultural, youth and arts activities that reach all citizens, as well as to engage in international cooperation. It supports local knowledge of culture, individual creative work and native cultural traditions. It is amongst others responsible for creating the prerequisites for youth and citizens’ activities. Kulttuuriaitta is our Cultural Centre for Children and Young People. It organises multidisciplinary workshops, clubs, courses, training and events for children and young people as well as adults working with children.

    Children's Art Centre Pessi

    Art centre PESSI is children's cultural house, owned by the city of Vantaa.
    Pessi offer´s many kind of cultural activities, for children of all ages:
    - concerts for children
    - theatre and dance performances
    - exhibitions
    - pedagogic exhibitions for schools
    - short courses for children from 6 to 15
    - summer courses
    - weekly 200 students of Vantaa Art School (from 5 to 20)
    - week-ly 195 students of Vantaa Music Institute (music play school groups, suzuki groups, solo instrumentalists)
    - music groups for babies (0-3 years old)
    - children's choir (5-12 years old)
    - activities for small children and parents together

    cultural activities for children and young people

    HAUKIVUORI art centre Saksala ArtRadius - AllaprimA MuseuM for children's art

    The Dutch AllaprimA Foundation has a huge collection of children's paintings and drawings. The collection is de result of the art teaching in the art school AllaprimA Art Atelier in Zwijndrecht the Netherlands.
    During more than 30 years the artist and art teacher Marja de Jong has teach hundreds of children and adults. The lessons are based on essential artistic principals, visible in the quality of the works.
    The AllaprimA Foundation has given the use of the collection to the AllaprimA MuseuM of art centre Saksala ArtRadius to be sure it will be more public.

    Art education is one of the pilot projects of art centre Saksala ArtRadius.
    During the year there are planned:
    - exhibitions with children's art from the AllaprimA collection
    - art courses and workshops for children
    - art (education) courses and workshops for teachers
    - meetings with artists
    - children's forest
    - special guiding tours through the FOAM sculpture park
    - art festivals and events
    - lectures about children's art
    - symposiums
    www.allaprima.org     www.saksala.org    www.14square.com



    The AllaprimA Foundation has started in 1991 with the intention to develop the quality of visualization and design. The program is based on the huge child art collection the Foundation. The AllaprimA Foundation has had child art exhibitions on different places in Europe, e.g. the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and Finland. The foundation organizes workshops for (art) teachers, artists and child art organizations. With art centre Saksala ArtRadius there is a good co-operation to open the child art collection for research and study.

    The AllaprimA Foundation has published the book 'kindertekeningen, een beeldverhaal' (child art, a story of images) which shows the method and vision on which the works are based. There was also participation in the primary school art education method 'UIT DE KUNST' to stimulate a view on the way how children devlop their visual language.

    The AllaprimA Foundation can be found on their own website.




    ART BASICS for CHILDREN (ABC), an initiative of the Austrian artist and cultural philosopher Gerhard Jäger, is an art-education organisation based in Brussels. The work carried out in this laboratory focuses on the study and development of the artistic experience and aesthetic education for everyone from 4 years on. Core-business of ABC are its mobile studios, which provide everyone with an introduction to or a more in-depth knowledge of different art forms like architecture, visual arts, poetry, dance and all kinds of crossovers




    Baboró International Arts Festival for Children

    Baboró wants to explore with children the wonder of their world through the magic of creative expression. Baboró International Arts Festival for Children is recognized as the leading Irish arts festival devoted exclusively to children with an attendance record of over 64,000 since 1997. For the last seven years, one week in October has been devoted to presenting high quality national and international arts performances and workshops for children in and out of schools and families. Venues in and around Galway are used for the presentation of this festival with selected artists traveling out to county schools, youth centres and community centres

    Arts Council of Northern Ireland

    The Arts Council of Northern Ireland is the lead development agency for the arts in Northern Ireland. It is the main support for artists and arts organisations throughout the region, offering a broad range of funding opportunities through our Treasury and National Lottery funds. Enshrined in our priorities and strategies is the principle that the arts enrich the lives of everyone in Northern Ireland


    Centre George Pompidou

    - Atelier des Enfants
    Centre Pompidou houses one of the most important museums in the world, featuring the leading collection of modern and contemporary art in Europe, a vast public reference library with facilities for over 2,000 readers, general documentation on 20th century art, a cinema and performance halls, a music research institute, educational activity areas, bookshops, a restaurant and a café. Unswerving in its interdisciplinary vocation and its core mission - to spread knowledge about all creative works from the 20th century and those heralding the new millennium - each year the Centre Pompidou holds thirty or so public exhibitions plus international events - cinema and documentary screenings, conferences and symposiums, concerts, dance and educational activities - many of which go on to other venues in both France and abroad.



    Barnas Hus

    Barnas Hus is a part of the Department of Culture in the city of Bergen and is an important part of the department’s cultural policy concerning children and young people. The task of the institute is to increase the participation of children in the field of art and culture. Barnas Hus has worked in the crossroad between the whole field of art and culture in Bergen and the schools and kindergartens.



    See the world through the eyes of children!
    At Lille Frøens vei in Oslo you can see the world through children's eyes and understand how children's art is a bearer of esthetical values. The Museum regards children's art as a living part of folk art and also as an important element in our national and universal culture. The children's own opinion and concerns are presented through changing thematic exhibitions, carefully chosen with the same demands for quality as in an adults art museum.

    The Museum was established in 1986 by The Foundation of Children's History, Art and Culture. Film director Rafael Goldin (1920-1994) and his wife, Doctor of Medicine, Alla Goldin, have conceived and developed the idea of this unique Museum and collection.

    The three basic functions of the Museum is to collect, preserve and promote children's art worldwide.
    See the website about the international museum of children's art in Oslo.



    little-ART Munich

    Munich's first gallery for children's and young people's art

    The little ART Gallery is little ART's physical site, serving as the organisation's art gallery plus headquarters. The gallery is used for exhibitions of children's artworks created within the scope of our projects and is also the site of workshops, concerts, lectures and other events. Located right in the heart of Munich's museum district, the gallery reaches a wide public, thus communicating the organisation's objectives and children's peace message to the outside world. The children's artworks can even be viewed by people who do not live in Munich, as we organize travelling exhibitions within Germany and in other countries, too.

    Read more about little-ART on the next page.

    Visit the website of little ART in Munich Germany




    The International Child Art Foundation (ICAF) prepares children for a creative and cooperative future so they can lead us into a safer and better world. ICAF is one of the premier organizations for the world's children. It serves as the leading national art and creativity organization for children in the United States. It is also the only international children's art and creativity organization in the world. ICAF is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States since 1997, and ICAF e.V. is registered as a membership association in Germany. ICAF does not award grants or provide financial support.

    The Arts Olympiad focuses on the 650 million 8- to 12-year-olds in the world.
    Our Peace Through Art programs focus on youth ages 14 to 16 who live in conflict zones around the world.
    The Virtual Creativity Playground (VCP) is meant for all children and adolescents.
    ChildArt magazine inspires creative individuals ages 8 to 80.
    ICAF's research symposia are aimed at educators endeavoring to introduce creativity training, arts and global education in schools across America and around the world.


    San Francisco Children's Art Center

    For more than two decades, the San Francisco Children's Art Center has nourished and inspired the creativity of Bay Area youth. Our mission is to empower children and foster their sense of self through exploration of the artistic process. In discovering this process, and the creative power within themselves, Children's Art Center students learn to view the world as a place filled with possibilities, one where they can shape and express their own vision.

    What makes the Children's Art Center distinctive is our focus on a process-oriented art experience. While providing instruction in the use of art materials and techniques, our teachers guide students through the process of creating, in an effort to elicit and support each child's individual style of visual expression. Rather than simply following directions to construct prescribed art "products," children in our classes learn to trust in their own creative impulses. Empowering students with the tools to take an idea from within themselves and give it form – this is the unique experience the Children's Art Center has to offer.



    Founded in 1988, MOCHA is synonymous with excellence and leadership in arts education. For more than 15 years, MOCHA has encouraged hands-on learning in the arts and has promoted the arts as a way to help children of all backgrounds develop as healthy, resourceful, and involved citizens.
    MOCHA promotes the arts as an integral part of strong, vibrant communities and advocates that strong vibrant communities participate in the arts.
    To ensure that the arts are a fundamental part of the lives of all children. To accomplish this, we provide opportunities for children to explore their creativity; design, implement and advocate for hands-on arts education; and place an emphasis on reaching children and families from low-income communities.
    The 25,000 children in MOCHA's programs range in age from 2-16 and come from ethnically and economically diverse backgrounds. Over 70% are from low-income families.mocha is committed to ensuring that the arts are a fundamental part of the lives of all children.
    to accomplish this
    We provide opportunities for children to learn and develop skills through art.
    We teach and advocate for hands-on arts education for children and educators.
    We emphasize reaching children from low-income communities.



    Family & Children
    With exciting events, presentations, performances and activities developed especially for families and children, the Philadelphia Museum of Art is a place all ages can discover together.

    Teacher Programs at the Museum
    Learn the about the many ways to connect art and the classroom with a variety of workshops, programs and resources designed especially for teachers.

    Distance Learning
    Explore the fascinating world of art without ever leaving the classroom. With ISDN and IP-based videoconferencing, you and your students can take virtual tours of the Museum’s collections and interact with Museum staff in real-time.

    The Fleisher Art Memorial
    Art classes and workshops for children and adults of all levels, exhibitions, and a variety of unique programs in partnership with the community.


    Planning a School Visit
    Bring your class to the Getty Center or the Villa. Arrange for a Guided Lesson taught by a Museum educator, a docent-led site tour, or lead your class through the galleries independently.
    Teacher Programs and Resources
    The Getty Museum offers workshops and professional development programs that help you incorporate the study of art into your classroom.
    Search Lesson Plans
    Explore art making and art history through the Getty's collection. All lessons meet California state visual arts content standards. Includes lessons and curricula for K–12 and adult ESL teachers.
    For Kids:
    The Getty Museum and Whyville
    The Getty Museum is now on Whyville, an online world where kids can chat and play games.
    College Students and Professors
    Bring your class to the Getty and lecture in the galleries.
    Join our online listserv for teachers and educators.
    Museum Educators
    Papers are available online from the Getty Museum's symposium in June 2005, "From Content to Play: Family-Oriented Interactive Spaces in Art and History Museums."





    In April 2001 CSK Corporation and the Okawa Foundation for Information and Telecommunications established the Okawa Center research facility in the Keihanna Kansai Science City. CSK Group's founder, the late Isao Okawa sought to encourage children to draw on their boundless creativity to establish an advanced information society that would narrow the differences which are causing strife in the world. His vision is taking practical shape at the Okawa Center for Future Children, currently under construction at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Media Laboratory and at the Okawa Center in Japan.
    The Okawa Center in Japan is providing children the opportunity to experience various channels of expression and communication through its CAMP activities. At the same time it will serve as a facility for Internet and Information & Communication Technology (ICT) studies, allowing children from around the world to communicate freely with each other.


    Welcome to child art museum in Japan !
    We are teachers who are teaching fine arts in the elementary school and junior high school in Japan. We are collecting the pictures which children drew, in order to build a database. 





    Green Child Project is an independent, non-profit organization in Uganda (Eastern Africa) that’s devoted solely to environmental education for school children through live-theatre performance. With the support of individual and corporate donations and grants, Green Child Project seeks to educate children in Uganda about the importance of environmental stewardship. Every year, a short play will be developed and presented with educational content using humor, talent and a passion for the environment. 

    More information about this Green Child project can be found on Blogspot




    InSEA international society for education through art

    InSEA EUROPE the European department of the international society for education through art

    City of Helsinki Cultural Office with departments for art education

    Dutch Art Education Society NVTO

    Finnish department of InSEA

    Finnish Society for Art Teachers KUVATAIDEOPETTAJALIITTO

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